?Tricks to win from your roommate without losing your mind

Without peace and comfort in your own house, it can affect all aspects of your daily life, and fight with your roommate can become a serious issue.

However, we all are human beings with our own needs and unusual habits and it is impossible to never bother or never be bothered by the person you live with this results in misunderstanding and arguments and can cause fights and moves.

Can we avoid these problems? Well, The answer can be yes and no at the same time. If you do not travel live outside of your room most of the time you are going to have those uncomfortable movements and misunderstanding, however, there is a key to most of the cases which is communication and negotiation but sometimes it is not enough.

Loudy roommates

Just Google loud roommates and you will see millions of articles that are selling your products like earphones to get rid of cloudy roommates and feel your apartment in a quiet place. But these things are not going to work in the long run. These methods can harm your health too and you feel sleepless night and you will invite more negativity in your head.

Is there any better way to deal with this issue. Well yes, have an honest and truthful talk, create some simple rules on making noise in the room.

But if your roommate is still loud and you don’t want to change anything, when one should probably find another room. 

Hint: the person whose name is not on rental agreement pack your bags.

Untidy roommate

If your roommate refuses to follow the cleaning rules of the house at the same time leave leaves sync full of dirty dishes, and the mess around and most common washrooms.

What to do? The effective way would be to revise your cleaning schedule which should be written on a paper so that everyone can see. For the dishes clean your own utensils don’t make comments that today is your turn or I will clean tomorrow just clean your own dishes if you hate cleaning, just bye disposable cups and plates as an alternative of dishes.


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