? 3 Challenges when you share a rental room with the opposite sex.

Many times you will get different reactions when you talk about sharing the rental apartment with your roommate of the opposite sex. Some people don’t have any problem with the roommate’s gender and are ok living with either girl or boy, some people won’t even care and some would see the whole idea as a thrilling adventure.

The main thing is you will experience it in a different way when you live with opposite sex. Why? Because men and women are different (hey there, pseudo-feminists). Both have different bodies, different tastes, different mindsets, and different perspectives, etc, etc.

However, we all are humans,

As human beings, we look at this world through our personal life experience and take actions accordingly thaw are the things which determine the level of difference in the relationship with your roommate of opposite sex.

I am kind, strong, and beautiful as a woman but I can also be cranky, catchy, sensitive, over-emotional, late at night on the phone with my boyfriend, and overpowering with the smell of my perfume. Just like any other woman in the world. And thanks to the men around me I know that man can be stubborn selfish and insensitive but they are more caring protective and supporting and rational.

In my humble opinion, the key in any interest sexual relationship is being aware of your differences and similarities and use this awareness to balance your relationship it happens naturally between mentally stable and psychologically balanced persons.

Living with a roommate of opposite sex drives challenges in your life like drama mess sexual attraction from female as well as a male roommate.

A little bit about each challenge

Why Mess?

The start of maths is individual for everyone, so you bunch of shoes by the door bunch of toiletries all over the bathroom you makeup accessories can irritate your male roommate “girls stuff that you never get when you live with a dude”. At the same time, you might also get bananas wiping the bathroom mirror the eggshells and the disgusting smell of sweat and being the only person in your household interested in cleaning the floor.

Why drama?

We all are human beings so we can feel offended threatened or hurt but the difference in reaction means the difference in emotional reaction females are generally more sensitive and complex emotionally than single-minded down to earth males. Which results in misunderstanding frustration and aggression in a conflict situation between girls and boys.

But wait can being sexually attracted to each other become a challenge?

Well yes, it can be, if you share a place it’s natural to be attracted to someone you on tractable on a daily basis but a romantic sexual relationship requires time to develop. When two roommates are jumping into a romantic relationship while living together they prevent themselves from getting into this relationship. Past tickets to know each other properly which letter resolves personality lashes and toxicity. so, think twice before you do this. If even if your feelings are at the topmost level, your personalities might be different which can affect the long run.

So the question is, should you or should you not get a roommate of the opposite sex? Perhaps you should. Your life is precious, unique and it is the only one you have so, why not try new experiences, try new things, testing your boundaries, and get to know about yourself so that you can get most out of it. Overcoming the challenges of living with the opposite sex is appreciate-able.

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